Weider Home Gym 8510

Multifunction power complex for your gym. Model Weider Home Gym 8510 differs from the Weider 8515 by lack of stepper – a device to simulate walking. Combination with aerobic power loads, ie the sharp increase oxygen consumption, is perhaps best to maintain and improve the form. Exercises with stepper serve to strengthen the cardiovascular system, burn calories, and just for a change – after all the monotonous workout quickly bored.

Average price: $740

Workstation : “Butterfly”, an imitation of the bench press chest, upper and lower thrust blocks, leg assembly.
NUMBER racks: 1.
Load range: 5-95 kg.
TRUCK PLATE: 6 * 5 kg and 3 kg, with a vinyl coating.
CABLES: Steel in the polyurethane shell.
CUSHIONING: vinyl flooring tiles.
FRAME: hollow square profile 4,5 * 4,5 cm thickness were 3-5 mm.
DIMENSIONS: 102 * 135 * 188 cm, weight 86 kg.

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